Channeling color.


*Please not  that you  can not with a dispatch from the previous mail order.



image2 (7)

Shakatti  Channeling color.・・・130USD



image1 (6)

Kattobi mirokumaru  Channeling color.   ・・・42USD



image1 (7)

image3 (6)

Karugaru   Channeling color.・・・160USD



image2 (6)

ryuutoukikai & goshinngan Channeling color.・・・ 48USD



image3 (5)

image2 (5)


image1 (5)

Invader Type A  Sebek   Channeling color.  ・・・・210USD





The winners in a drawing will receive our detailed information about the products they have got.

We will accept the order only from those who can remit the payment within three days after receipt of our detailed e-mail.


(Please understand that you may not win your requested item due to a limited supply of the goods.)


Please send us the following information if you want to use our mail-order service.

Shipping is EMS


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Shipping is scheduled to begin in Mid-March


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